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Many things are critical in determining what makes somewhere feel like home.

Yet every expatriate knows: nothing makes a place feel more like home more than mastering the language. This applies even more strongly to careers that revolve around language and communication.


We at 3B-Solutions know this and continue to invest in language training for doctors before finding jobs for them.

Gaining a language qualification enables doctors to make the perfect start and become quickly integrated. It also lays the foundation for a good and long-term working relationship.


To secure these benefits, we started offering language qualifications for doctors in 2010 and set up our own language school - “MedicalCare privates Sprachinstitut GmbH” – two years ago.


Together with our experienced language teachers, we follow jointly set goals that:


• enable doctors to prepare efficiently and intensively for the C1 medical language examination;

• guarantee individual support in the form of individual lessons;

• make it possible to pursue language studies close to home.


Commitment from the doctors is very important for all our courses.

So that we can plan independently and flexibly, our “MedicalCare privates Sprachinstitut GmbH” language school became a licenced partner of telc GmbH in 2014. Since then, we have been independently conducting all language examinations required to obtain the licence to practice medicine. The examinations sat are assessed centrally at the telc GmbH headquarters in Frankfurt.


telc GmbH played a significant role in developing the C1 medical language examination. This is undoubtedly also the reason that the telc GmbH language examinations are recognised in all German federal states by the government medical licencing authorities.


If you are thinking about applying for a position in a German hospital, please write to us.