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How does the job placement process work?

We first get to know you personally and discuss your expectations about working in Germany. You will inevitably have individual questions. We then invite you to take part in a test to determine your language level with a language trainer. If your German skills are not yet sufficient to find you a job, we will offer you the chance to attend a language course at our language school. In any case, you will need to pass a recognised language examination, which you can sit at any level in our language school.


Once we can see that you have reached a good language level, we will start to look for jobs considering the details discussed during our first meeting. When we conduct an interview in a hospital, we will inform you about the hospital department, regional opportunities, and our personal impressions.


The next step is to spend several days on a work-shadowing placement at the institution. We will then get you to give us a suggested date for a meeting and discuss it with the hospital. If the time is suitable, we will plan the entire trip for you. You will then come to Germany where we will meet you and travel to the hospital together.


The stay generally starts with a discussion with the head physician. You will then find out about the clinic, hospital, and region. These brief work-shadowing placement days in the clinic give doctors and the department the opportunity to get to know each other during the daily work routine. On the day of departure, we meet with the head physician again and both sides indicate their initial impressions. You then start your journey home.


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Do I need to arrange getting to the interview myself?

No, we will do that for you. We will organise your trip free of charge.


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What do I need to do after successfully completing a work-shadowing placement?

You need a licence to obtain medicine from a German authority to work in Germany. We will conduct this process for you. However, you must obtain some documents from Hungary / Romania etc. according to the requirements of the federal state. We will provide you with all the necessary information.


We will handle everything else you need to successfully obtain a job. That includes all formalities and requirements for working in Germany.


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Can I work in Germany with my Hungarian / Romanian medical diploma?

To work in Germany, you need a licence to practice medicine. This is issued by a German authority once it has reviewed your medical diploma.


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What is the licence to practice medicine and which documents

do I need to obtain it?

The licence to practice medicine is essentially the recognition of a Hungarian / Romanian medical diploma in Germany. The application is submitted in the federal state in which the future job is located. The details of the relevant approval process differ between the federal states, as they individually determine the scope and procedure. Different documents are therefore required. We will submit these for you and apply for the licence to practice medicine. 3B-Solutions will bear any costs arising.


In any case, you need to pass a language examination set by an approved language institute in Germany. We run a language school, which is a licenced partner of telc GmbH in Frankfurt. The language examinations sat by our students are recognised in all federal states.


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How long does the process to obtain the licence to practice medicine take?

Depending on the federal state, we currently estimate that it will take between two and four months to conduct the process to obtain the licence to practice medicine. However, in certain cases it may also take longer.


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Can I take the necessary language examination at 3B-Solutions’ language school?

Yes. We are a licenced partner of telc GmbH, and our language trainers have all been certified by this institute as approved language examiners in German. This enables us to conduct general and medical language examinations on our premises. Due to the high level of interest, we conduct the medical language examination for the C1 level each month.


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Where is the language school and how can I take part?

The language school is in the centre of Budapest, not far from the banks of the Danube. We also offer teaching via Skype for language students who live further away, and provide an online digital learning platform for our students. Our students make extensive use of these options.


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What does the language course cost?

The language course is free for doctors who we place with hospitals.


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Do I need to take a medical language test in Germany and what does this look like?

Yes, this is conducted in the federal states. The basis for this is a language test to be submitted. The so-called patient communication test is organised by the responsible medical association. The content is comparable with the oral component of the telc GmbH C1 medical examination. For this reason, we also train for this as good preparation for the patient communication test.


In general, the doctor must establish the patient’s history after a preparation phase, then present the patient to another doctor and finally provide patient information. As well as the specialist language, general communication skills are also tested.


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Who will help me find accommodation?

We will help you find accommodation. Some of the hospitals have residential accommodation for employees. If rooms or apartments are available here, this can be a good solution in the beginning. If you are coming with your partner or family, or there is no residential accommodation for employees, we will find something suitable based on your specifications.  We will organise viewing appointments, accompany you to them and help you answer any unanswered questions.


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Will I get credit for my overseas training years?

The application for recognition of the training years is submitted to the responsible medical association. You must arrange for the training periods and content to be confirmed by your employer or training institute. These confirmations should be as detailed as possible.  Some medical associations may also demand a confirmation from the German chief physician. We are happy to help you collect your documents and will also submit them to the responsible medical association for you. If your documents are good, there is a good chance that you will get full credit for your previous training years. Please be patient as the procedure can last several months.


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How can I use my doctor title in Germany?

You can use your doctor title as named in your licence to practice medicine, which will generally contain the title “dr. med.” or “dr.med.univ.” This forms part of your doctor title and must also always be stated.


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